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Sanjoy Chakravorty is professor of geography and urban studies at Temple University.  His recent research has been on two broad themes—empirical work on India and theoretical work on distribution and (now) epistemology. Lately he has focused book-length writings. The most recent is The Price of Land, which is an analysis of land acquisition and conflicts in the framework of state policies and land markets in India.  Other recent books include Fragments of Inequality, which analyzes structure and change in income distributions, and Made in India, which is a study of the economic geography of Indian industry.  He is working on a new book on intellectual history and epistemology, provisionally titled “The Truth About Us: India Invented, India Unknown,” and with his co-authors has just finished writing “The Other One Percent: Indians in America Become a Visible Minority.”  His first novel, “The Promoter“, a satire set in contemporary Calcutta, should be out in 2015.