• Forum 3 - Asian Spatialities 3

Across Southeast Asian Borderlands

The third sub-project of the Asian Spatialities Forum builds upon the dynamics initiated by the Asian Borderlands Research Network established by IIAS in 2008. Two workshops in this sub-project will study Southeast Asia on the basis of networks, processes, transitions, polyvalence, and fluidity, in opposition to the concepts of the ‘nation-state’ or the ‘region’. The first workshop, ‘Communities in Between: Redefining Social Spaces in Southeast Asian Borderlands’, will revisit state-society relations through the perspective of the borderlands as they can be seen as products of a social and political negotiation of space. The second workshop, ‘Beyond the State’s Reach: Casino Spaces as Enclaves of Development or Lawlessness?’ seeks to better understand the ‘transitional zones’ that have emerged in the wake of the encounter between local communities, new migratory circulations and the global economy.